Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Quote: Just sharing some thoughtful words from a fellow member of the bay area-n family, Dino Ynostroza: "trust your struggle." we all have a story. chapters, pages, words of consideration, challenges, and congratulations. In every margin, every space, every description of time and place, is validity. Every event leads us to every next event, every struggle to every reward, and ultimately, it seems, if we are able to see ourselves as the narrators that we truly are, and *trust our struggles* as the conflicts, lessons, and themes of our plot lines, we live the lives that were meant to be.

Spread love and joy

Saraswatiis the Hindu goddess of knowledge, choosing to spread her spirit through music and the arts. Peaceful colors surround her as she sits perched playing her mala. Although the contemporary version of her is Marc Jacobs and trap music. FD adores Saraswatiis's beauty as a representation of the powerful force music plays is nature. Swaying and jerking the souls of others making them feel pure, if only for a second. Try spreading a tad of that compassion here and there, it might come back around. 

Music feeds the soul

Be colorful. 

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