Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forty- Dinos | Alton Han |

Alton Han is a 22 year old artist reining from the Bay Area. Currently studying his craft and doing shows in Hawaii, you can find him soaking up the sun by day and growing out his ugly ass hair by night. His point of view is a brilliant fusion of ancient Taiwanese tattoo style, mixed with San Francisco anarchy nonconformist skater slash pot, peace and gang culture. Alton's naturalist pieces show off his innate ability to paint. ( When taking a break from his crazy cartoon character approach ). I've known this kid since high school, glad to see him dedicating 24/7 to his work, strongly capable of having a career in painting.  

{ Let it twerk } I thank Alton for turning me onto Oakland Art MurMur as well, back when it was held in a single alley way. Been going ever since! That was a little before people started flooding downtown Oakland by the thousands on the first friday of each month. . Filled with only the most highly rated,  certified goers and ratchets.  All of a sudden random dude comes up last month, " yo bruh, buy this cocaine.. what's the matter? You aint cool?" I asked him if it was FDA approved  and fair trade.. perhaps vegan and off course organic grass fed kosher.. He just looked at me and winked.. said it was from the Menendez family, who only employ union certified workers! I told him hell ya! They make great coffee. 

Back to Alton.. he started promoting his paintings for 20 bucks. Then 100. Then 2. That was ages ago.  I'm sure he would love to quote you on his current pricing and available works.

Alton for Fordiedinosaurs

Vest made of joints
Dope Dragon


Peace pipes and white nikes



Wheat paste

Wearable arts class

I knew Art MurMur was going down hill... Hopefully the city gives it a chance to stay around. Local artists and small business's need it.

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