Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FD Styling | Life Of the Party

Mario inspired Bape crewneck. Collection exclusively sold in Nowhere
Beret inherited from the granny
Levis super skinny plaid pants
Thrift rotary phone necklace
Volcom button up
Custom bow tie
YSL loafers

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Slight chance of precipitation

Claude Lane, Union Square San Francisco

Chief Keef

Shelby Grochowski | Swag Lord and Savior

Sadly We Only Have Two Hands 

"How much for that bag?" - says lonely man

Old car parts for breakfast

All This Syrup Gon Make Me A Diabetic

Female scorpions often kill the male and devour them after mating


Kick Rocks

Some bar in Portlandia 

Vintage Singer at Goodwill

Art. Is. Everywhere.

Food Porn

Keep it lit.. it's love..

Box of a pleasurably slow death... Keep it lit.

Free for All.. until restitution.

 It doesn't matter what you think about graffiti, because most writers don't give a FUCK. 






 -Reminisce, Amaze



Photo credits:

Sf street style

"Danielle  the dressmaker" | Photographed by Ilya Khoteev

Your all fiends and perverts

Monday, January 28, 2013

Womb to the tomb.. Cradle to the coffin..

Goers Only


Toro | Pemex

Smack out on sixes.. Movin with the big bulky thang..

Shirt thrifted for da moms


Christmas with the flu: 2008

Anthony Ryan Auld reveals the lastest Brother Dreamweaver

Got the chance to meet Anthony Ryan Auld at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show held in The Venetian, Las Vegas. Anthony was working with Brother showing off how their new sewing machines work. He thought I was weird haha. Didn't even know he won the all stars show at the time, just wanted to talk about fabrics! 14k is a tad pricy, but this machine will do everything short off rolling your next spliff. 

Catch FD styling at the Oakland Art Murmur monthly fashion show


North Berk let it twerk

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