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Quote: Just sharing some thoughtful words from a fellow member of the bay area-n family, Dino Ynostroza: "trust your struggle." we all have a story. chapters, pages, words of consideration, challenges, and congratulations. In every margin, every space, every description of time and place, is validity. Every event leads us to every next event, every struggle to every reward, and ultimately, it seems, if we are able to see ourselves as the narrators that we truly are, and *trust our struggles* as the conflicts, lessons, and themes of our plot lines, we live the lives that were meant to be.

Spread love and joy

Saraswatiis the Hindu goddess of knowledge, choosing to spread her spirit through music and the arts. Peaceful colors surround her as she sits perched playing her mala. Although the contemporary version of her is Marc Jacobs and trap music. FD adores Saraswatiis's beauty as a representation of the powerful force music plays is nature. Swaying and jerking the souls of others making them feel pure, if only for a second. Try spreading a tad of that compassion here and there, it might come back around. 

Music feeds the soul

Be colorful. 

Forty- Dinos | Alton Han |

Alton Han is a 22 year old artist reining from the Bay Area. Currently studying his craft and doing shows in Hawaii, you can find him soaking up the sun by day and growing out his ugly ass hair by night. His point of view is a brilliant fusion of ancient Taiwanese tattoo style, mixed with San Francisco anarchy nonconformist skater slash pot, peace and gang culture. Alton's naturalist pieces show off his innate ability to paint. ( When taking a break from his crazy cartoon character approach ). I've known this kid since high school, glad to see him dedicating 24/7 to his work, strongly capable of having a career in painting.  

{ Let it twerk } I thank Alton for turning me onto Oakland Art MurMur as well, back when it was held in a single alley way. Been going ever since! That was a little before people started flooding downtown Oakland by the thousands on the first friday of each month. . Filled with only the most highly rated,  certified goers and ratchets.  All of a sudden random dude comes up last month, " yo bruh, buy this cocaine.. what's the matter? You aint cool?" I asked him if it was FDA approved  and fair trade.. perhaps vegan and off course organic grass fed kosher.. He just looked at me and winked.. said it was from the Menendez family, who only employ union certified workers! I told him hell ya! They make great coffee. 

Back to Alton.. he started promoting his paintings for 20 bucks. Then 100. Then 2. That was ages ago.  I'm sure he would love to quote you on his current pricing and available works.

Alton for Fordiedinosaurs

Vest made of joints
Dope Dragon


Peace pipes and white nikes



Wheat paste

Wearable arts class

I knew Art MurMur was going down hill... Hopefully the city gives it a chance to stay around. Local artists and small business's need it.

A MOTHA-FUCKIN $AP | True Colors |

Rakim Mayers also known as ASAP Rocky representing Harlem, NYC has been crushing on the hip hop style game.  ASAP became known after his first debut mix tape LiveLoveASAP as it became an instant success.  Promethazine fiends around the nation were slapping songs like "Purple Swag". As far as his style, asap brings some hitters as well.  While previously hated on for his interest in high fashion obscure outfits, he is now popping off with designers he's always looked up to like Jeremy Scott and Rick Owens.  Haters?.. Dress from the inside out.. revealing only your truest of colors. 


Read the whole ASAP article HERE.

 Photography: Gregory Harris

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FD Styling | Life Of the Party

Mario inspired Bape crewneck. Collection exclusively sold in Nowhere
Beret inherited from the granny
Levis super skinny plaid pants
Thrift rotary phone necklace
Volcom button up
Custom bow tie
YSL loafers

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Slight chance of precipitation

Claude Lane, Union Square San Francisco

Chief Keef

Shelby Grochowski | Swag Lord and Savior

Sadly We Only Have Two Hands 

"How much for that bag?" - says lonely man

Old car parts for breakfast

All This Syrup Gon Make Me A Diabetic

Female scorpions often kill the male and devour them after mating


Kick Rocks

Some bar in Portlandia 

Vintage Singer at Goodwill

Art. Is. Everywhere.

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